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Our company is founded on principals of strong customer service. We believe that every transaction deserves the utmost attention, and every party in the transaction is equally as important as the next. We have sustained our business through the ups and downs of the economy by making sure our clients and their customers are given the attention and respect that takes our service to the next level. Our employees are here to work for you.

Working with First Advantage Title Partners, you will find a variety of individuals and personalities that make your experience feel like home. We truly are a family-based company and like to make you part of that family.

Thank you for stopping by to see what we have to offer and we look forward to a long and successful future.

GFExpress Quote

Looking to understand your costs? This tool will help you estimate your standard costs for a real estate transaction. Important note: many rates in the State of Florida are promulgated and cannot change from company to company.

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For Agents

Nowadays the closing process can be just as stressful for the agents involved as it is for the buyers and sellers. The learn more button will lead you to information to help you find your way to a worry-free and successful closing.

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An Agency You Can Trust

A closing can be a complicated and confusing process. Now more than ever it is vital to align yourself with an agency boasting the highest level of professionalism and service!

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